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Corporate Vision | Mission Statement | Quality Policy | Our Beginnings
...Family Owned & Operated since 1995.

Approaching 20 years now, All Types ® Expediting has offered premium ground expedite transportation to companies that require 100% on time performance.
Corporate Vision
Be a Company with a business process that continuously monitors all assets to improve efficiency, monitors quality for continuous improvement, and identifies opportunities to increase capabilities and cost savings for ourselves and our customers.   
Share the business process with our Owner Operators / Independent Contractor base to search continuously for opportunities where we can not only increase the value of ourselves but also enhance the effectiveness of our staff as well as our customers in their market through the benefits of partnering.
Provide products and/or services at a level of profit sufficient to reward all of our stakeholders and provide for the long term job security of our employees & expedited Owner Operators. Instill in all of our staff, the understanding that profit and job security can only be provided by identifying the needs of our customers and Owner Operators and satisfying those needs.  
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Mission Statement
  To be the most focused, quality driven and successful transportation services company in the Northern Indiana, the Midwest and eventually, United States and the world market.
  • Maintain independence of judgment and integrity.
  • Insulate employees from internal and external pressures that may compromise quality or standards.
  • Ensure that there are no conflicts of interest between employees and customers or suppliers.
  • Become a leading company in the transportation arena focusing on the overall shipping market, automotive and non competitive logistical organizations & related third party services.
  • Continuously improving productivity, technology & efficiency of processes and business; therefore, the quality of products and services provided to our customers will ever become greater and better.
  • We use profit as a means for creating a company where people can develop and use their skills in an exciting, challenging and rewarding environment.
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    Quality Policy
    Currently under revision.
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    Our Beginnings
    About Us
      All Types ® Expediting, headquartered near Chicago Illinois, is a leading provider of same day delivery and logistics services in the United States. Through its network of branch offices, we provide same-day, on-demand, door to door delivery services utilizing its ground couriers. For many of its inner-city deliveries, we use third party, Independent Contractors, air or motor carriers in conjunction with our own ground couriers to provide same-day service. In addition to traditional on-demand delivery services, we offer scheduled distribution services, which encompass recurring, often daily, point to point deliveries or multiple destination deliveries that often require intermediate handling. Our services can also include designing and managing systems to maximize efficiencies in transporting, sorting and delivering customers' products on a local and multi-city basis. With our fleet, we can provide dedicated vehicles at single or multiple customer sites.
    Best Rates

    We promise the best transportation rates in the industry. Prompt and reliable service with our company is not just expected, it is our BENCH MARK.

    Since we are an independent company, and are not the agents of any courier or transportation company, you can be assured that our prices are the bottom line and services remain at the best level possible, and that recommendations are always based on thorough, unbiased cost investigations.

    All Types ® Expediting's first priority is to provide a perfect balance of exceptional transportation and courier services along with quality, value and savings. Our superior crew of trained drivers ensures only the best service for you; our customer.

    Driver Compensation
      Our compensation to our drivers & ability to retain their jobs is based on individual performance. We only hire drivers who want to and can demonstrate that they can manage their own business and wish to become members of a separate and distinct team within our ranks.
    Administrative Staff
      All of our personnel have many years of courier, distribution & logistics experience. Our full understanding of the courier and transportation market, makes all the difference in rendering prompt and reliable service with better rates for your transportation movements and flexibility unparalleled.
    To Achieve Our Goals
      It's simple, we put our customer first, and our drivers.
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