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Alliance Program for Expedited Freight Loads

Alliance Program for Expedited Freight Loads Working relationships with "Friendly Competition".

We will be happy to partner with you and cover any of your loads when your unable to provide an asset to your customer fast enough.

We have our own technology we can give you access to in order to view our units that are available or soon to be available and their current or future locations.

We're happy to assist you in covering your loads 24/7/365.

With today's many portals of asset management, we're want to be included in that list of options you currently use.

No matter who you are, we and our drivers will partner with you and we will service your expedited freight. Our drivers all have computer navigation to direct their path to get your delivery on time and all of our straight trucks have sleepers and most are teams.

Tariffs are often worked out on a case by case basis due to load circumstances. Routine use of our units can capture routine wholesale tariffs. Routine use of our trucks? We can give you access into our asset data base online to track your shipments.

We specialize in shipping urgent freight and have a professional Owner Operator crew ready to do your expedited deliveries. If you can't cover it and we have an empty unit regardless of location near or far, we will find a way to cover your loads with our drivers. We are extremely flexible and will often find ways to move your freight even in rough circumstances.

We currently and routinely cover loads for our friendly Competition. We currently service over 10 other major expedited carriers and we enjoy the trusted relationships we have servicing their urgent freight. Usually daily, we are called upon other carriers and 3PL's to service your loads. We are a part of the GPS Alliance, several load boards, haul NLM freight and most recently have also joined Expediters and their Expediting Online .com. Available Unit Load Board program. Our fleet consists of late model cargo van, straight trucks and tractor trailers.

We'll not just match but beat any competitor quote within our wholesale tariff perimeters. Often times we adjust our pricing to enable our partners to capture a profit as well, our dispatchers have the authority to negotiate loads. Volume loads from our partners ensures great routine pricing.

We'll do what it takes to service your load while capturing a reasonable profit while serving our Owner Operator base to the best of our ability.

Rarely do we fall short of servicing your expedited loads due to pricing or meeting deadlines.

 Alliance Program for Courier Loads

A Discount Program Designed For Low Volume Shippers!
Low volume shippers who would not ordinarily qualify for courier discounts can now take advantage of our Alliance Program, which allows low volume shippers to receive large discounts on all U.S. courier movements.

Expediters Wanted created a discount program to allow low volume shippers the opportunity to receive large discounts on all overnight courier movements anywhere in the U.S. / world.

Expediters Wanted negotiated special discounted rates with many U.S. courier's, so businesses who send low courier volume can save like large national companies. Typically, individual companies do not qualify for major discounts unless they ship heavily. Expediters Wanted consolidated the volume of our members to achieve a U.S. and a world-wide discount. When you total all the letters and packages being sent by our members the volume being shipped is tremendous. Based on these numbers, we have secured large national discounts exclusively for our members.

Becoming a member of the discount program will allow you to dramatically reduce your courier costs. Your company will now receive discounts similar to large national firms who literally ship hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in freight!

As an Expediters Wanted Alliance Member, you receive 25% off all Overnight Envelopes and Packages within Canada, the U.S.A., and International countries.

 Overnight Courier Service

We are one of the Nation's industry's premium, overnight delivery services.

Overnight Service is guaranteed to arrive on the next business day by 10:30 a.m. to most metropolitan areas.

United States - Overnight Service is guaranteed for delivery by 10:30 a.m. the next business day to most U.S. metropolitan areas.

International - Overnight Service is guaranteed next business day delivery to selected locations, and delivery on the second business day to most major trading centers around the world.

All overnight services are guaranteed to arrive on time, as scheduled.

Please contact us directly to verify by location the time and transits of your urgent freight deliveries, we will procure and relay the tracking numbers immediately after procurement. Also consult with us the terms and conditions explaining the guarantee policy and services offered.

Best Rates
  We promise the best transportation rates in the industry. Prompt and reliable service with our company is not just expected, it is our BENCH MARK.
Courier Alliances
  Our tactical negotiation skills allow us to leverage phenomenal discounts
for your shipments, while maintaining or enhancing your current level of transportation or distribution services. Our alliances with Canada and Mexico's leading couriers, coupled with our extensive knowledge of the courier market, will ensure you get the best possible discounts from 3rd party couriers that the market has to offer. In fact, most of our clients have experienced a courier cost reduction after utilizing our services on their annual freight bill.

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