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When you drive to be the best, you deserve the rewards.
Fringe Benefits | More to Think About | Join the Team

CARGO VANS: A CDL License is not required for any cargo van i.e. Fords, Chevy's, Sprinters, GMC's, or Nissan cargo vans. Cube vans are still cargo vans, they just have a box on the cutaway chassis, all which are under 10,000 # GVW. A simple standard operators License is sufficient for any brand / type of cargo van. Cube vans are not dock high or fork lift accessible and classify as what they truly are - a cargo van.

DOCK HIGH STRAIGHT TRUCKS: If your unit is 10,001 pounds up to 26,001 pounds, you will need a Chauffeurs license and a D.O.T. physical. If your unit over 10,000# and has air brakes or air assist, you'll need a CDL with air brakes endorsement. Any big dock high straight truck over 10,001 pounds GVW MAY require you (in certain circumstances) to have a minimum of two years verifiable commercial truck driving experience. We require all drivers with a straight truck to have a minimum of a Chauffeurs license when you are over 10,001 and under 26,000 #. You also must have at least 2 years of verifiable experience in order to lease this unit on with us, in any straight truck. You will need an IFTA sticker and you'll need to do your own fuel reporting if your straight truck is over 26,000# GVW and again, at least 2 years of verifiable experience. If any truck is signed on with us EXCLUSIVELY, we will pay IFTA costs.

It is law that all drivers must be able to read and speak fluent English as well as be eligible to work in the United States. We do no HazMat or Canada.

We have challenging opportunities for new and seasoned drivers.

We are seeking professionals, with their own cargo equipment:

  • previous driving backgrounds are not required in most cases
  • select candidates with little or no driving experience who have the ability to become an industry professional. Either candidate must pass drug test, criminal background check, have no felony convictions involving a motor vehicle, no DWI or DUI in MVR history within the last 7 years, have a suitable driving record (no excessive points), a 10 year verifiable work background, valid drivers license and be at least 21 years old, regardless of vehicle type and have at least two years verifiable driving experience (if you'll drive over 10,001 # GVW only). Candidates must be organized as well as self directed.

Our positions offer competitive compensation and other fringe benefits.


If you want to earn a decent living, you can, as long as put in the effort required. If you're willing to work hard, you will do just fine. The more effort you put into this, the more you'll earn. The smarter you operate, the more you'll save and earn. Remember, any restrictions, limitations, or boundaries that you set can only help or hinder your paycheck. The company you pick will also influence your pay check. If you have satellite (Qual Comm), you'll earn less money since your allowing the equipment to be installed and your paying rental fees and / or insurance's. Typically, Qual Comm's cost you $300 to install, $300 to remove and $35 a week rental fee. WE DO NOT USE THESE here at our company. We feel it's a waste of your money.

A lot of expedited carriers out there will not allow you to move your unit when you empty your load. You'll have to remain where you drop your load off. We let you move however you wish. Just keep your dispatcher here with us informed as to your movements so we can accurately time your travel / arrival at your next pick up.

Some expedite carriers say you'll be required to set right where you are and if you move, your issued a movement penalty, keeping you at the bottom of a "pecking order" or "next load list". This is particularly harmful if there's several other units parked at the same truck stop / nearby location where your at.

For example
The first to get loads will be the one ton vans, then the 3/4 ton vans, even if the 3/4 ton has been there 5 hours longer. That particular company says when you get there you stay, even though there is 5 other units there waiting and they have been there for a full day (or more) already, causing you to wait in a very long line, and if you move, your penalized, put to the bottom of the heap or off the board for penalty of several more potential hours.

We had a lady van driver tell us she moved from one end of a parking lot to the other because the sun was in her eyes where she was parked, and she was bumped to the bottom of the pile when she was number 3 out, put back to #7 out. This is called "Choice of Layover Area" or Forced Layover". We do not operate this way.

Any vehicles over 10,001 pounds are required by us, to keep correct, accurate & truthful logs.

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Fringe Benefits
  1. When you come to work for us, you'll be able to work in any geographical section (s) of the country, or throughout the entire U.S.A., it's your choice. Keep in mind, be careful not to select geographical area's that are not as productive than others. Our friendly recruiters can talk to you about this. You'll also enjoy being allowed to work for multiple carriers simultaneously if desired and, we can help you coordinate this. We know when your maximizing your income potential, your time with us will certainly be a long time. We know you'll be a richer Owner Operator when you produce more, when you have no restrictions. We work best and most productive drivers.
  2. You'll be able to go home as much or as little as you want. You decide this, not us. We do recommend you remain on the road during the week and go home on the weekends or when your nearby home whatever day of the week it is. This helps avoid wasting time and fuel.
  3. Go out & work for three weeks and take a week off, or go home every weekend or any schedule you desire.
  4. Work as much or as little as you want with us and it's ok to work for other carriers while with us and again, we can help you coordinate this.
  5. No Canada or Haz Mat.
  6. No satellite fees to pay or equipment to install on your cargo unit.
  7. Direct deposit (works just like Com Data) is available.
  8. 95% no touch freight.
  9. Enjoy load advances of 40% after each load is completed, inserted right into your checking or savings account. Just get a debit card from your bank or credit union and you'll have instant access to these advances, just like Com Data (but no fees)!!!
  10. We do not install any decals on your cargo van so there's no charges for this and you'll be able to run for other carriers. Straight trucks can use a removable placard of ours so they also can run for multiple carriers. Carriers who install decals will charge around $140.00 or more, to you for this.

    Let's summarize our benefits:
    No decals, no qual comms, direct deposit, daily load advances, ok to run for multiple carriers simultaneously, competitive wages, fuel sur charges on every load, never forced dispatch. If we're missing something, let our friendly recruiters now what it is and we'll see if we can incorporate it with our programs.
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Here's more to think about!
  • 24 hour dispatch
  • Assigned dispatchers
  • Fuel Surcharges to Every Unit
  • No forced dispatch*
  • Flat rate compensation**
  • No company drivers
  • 100% Owner Operator fleet
  • Passenger possibilities***
  • Low drug test processing / start up fee
  • Daily Advances****
  • No transition fees
  • Choice of layover area / movement*****
  • Single & team operations
  • Home time as desired******
  • Established company

* No forced dispatch ever so long as you tell us UP FRONT, what you want and don't want. We're not mind readers. If we get you a load with perimeters that YOU - FAILED - to tell us about, then it's YOUR fault. We will never issue you a load that conflicts with your business, so long as YOU, tell US, about it. Simply keep your dispatcher well informed as to any restrictions, limitations, or boundaries / perimeters on your scheduling to prevent the load from being issued to you in the first place.

** All cargo units get a flat rate, per loaded mile so you can always figure out what the load pays simply by taking the miles times your guaranteed, flat rate, compensation. Fuel surcharges do fluctuate so this is a little challenging but the FSC's can be obtained each day or each week simply by emailing our accounting department.

*** When added to the insurance policy / certificate of insurance, over 21 years of age.

**** 40% of the load after each load is completed. The 60% balance on payday Friday's.

***** Dispatchers never interfere with you to re-locate when you are in an undesirable / unproductive holding area.

****** Go home as often or as little as you want.

Normally, orientations are held each week, even on the weekends so you do not have to remove yourself from service prime time M-F. Special exceptions for drivers switching from another carrier, or adding us in addition to other carriers for your convenience - we can get THIS DRIVER, in anytime Monday thru Friday. In these special circumstances, we will do what it takes to get you thru the system and on the road in as little as a 4 hour orientation. If your current company is not providing for you, and your money is getting thin, because of the time of year (winter slower times) we will do whatever it takes to accommodate you as quickly as possible.

Orientations usually last around 4 - 5 hours. The orientations are held in our Fort Wayne, IN Field Office facility. You can start driving right after successfully fulfilling orientation. We suggest you start the next morning while in Ft .Wayne or back from your home if you live nearby. A rest after orientation & your drive in, is highly suggested.

We are primarily looking for candidates with long term potential and a great personality. Those with reasonably strong financial health are highly desired.

Remember, we pay 40% of the load after it's completed and the 60% balance on payday Friday.

This position offers unlimited upward mobility for those who are flexible, open for suggestions, able to absorb advice, direction, and occasional constructive criticism. A hard worker and is determined to succeed. Stable employment background is preferred but not mandatory.

Training will be provided when needed. High earnings potential and job flexibility are standard here and YOU, will supply the main ingredients: Ambition, effort, business savvy and reliability.

You'll earn more by NOT, dead heading home daily or often. The key is to be sure that when ever your wheels are rolling, you have freight inside and deadheading is minimal. If you need to go home daily, this may not be a good fit for you as our load distances average to be significant. Going home daily is a waste of precious fuel resources and a huge loss eating into your profit. Deadheading home daily / too often, will consume your profits quickly.

At times a daily waste of fuel is often worth being with family / home more often - daily. Remember, you will only earn money when you are working. Working means providing a service (moving freight).

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Join the Team

If you're considering changing your current carrier, adding a 2nd or even a 3rd carrier, a new driving opportunity or new career, please consider us as your next contracted carrier.

We are currently seeking quality owner operators of full size HD 3/4 ton or 1 ton full size Chevy, Sprinter, Ford, Nissan or GMC cargo vans. Even cube vans (which are cargo vans) / a cutaway cargo van with a box added under 10,000 # GVW.

Straight trucks with sleepers for OTR and straight trucks without sleepers for local/regional work to become part of our fleet. Eligible units include 3/4 & 1 ton cargo vans, 16' -24' dock high straight trucks and occasionally tractors with 48' and 53' **air-ride trailers. Just fill out our confidential on-line application on our web site & we will follow up to get you moving, quicker yet, just fax in a CURRENT copy of your MVR to 260.818.2052 (then call 260.483.1800 ext. 105 after you fax it) to assure we have received it & reviewed it. If you fax an MVR in, please also add your email address on it and be sure everything is legible.

We have a reputation in this industry with our productive, dependable & successful drivers that back up what we claim. We also have a reputation for helping those drivers who help themselves and can handle an expedited job and it's lifestyle.

ICC bumpers are preferred on trucks so the trucks can be locked in with the dock jaws but we can work with trucks with lift gates in many circumstances. If you have a lift gate, you could have it removed which will reduce your overall weight and add to your cargo capacity and it's easy to have it removed and a ICC bumper installed, usually at cost of around $600.00. ICC bumpers are more desirable so trucks can safely lock in at docks in the "jaws" which is a great safety issue as well as these jaws typically trigger the dock light to change from one color to another and in many cases the jaws will also trigger the dock overhead doors to operate when engaged by an ICC bumper. Many big factories have OSHA requirements for loading dock high trucks and require the ICC bumper. They also prevent trucks from rolling away from the docks as heavy fork lifts enter them and can easily push them - away - from the dock, even if in gear and chocked.


New / Used Vans-Trucks


We occasionally have lease maintained road ready expediter units for sale.
Call our friendly recruiters to see if we have any now. Cash sales are required, no financing is available.

See our Leasing Opportunities section on our home page for details.


If our web site does not answer all of your questions, call our recruiters for assistance. Another web site that is highly regarded by many as to have a wealth of information for all expediters, is expediters network on the web at and

If you can't find what your trying to find out on our site, be sure to go to Expediters and you'll most likely find it there.

That site also offers an on-line Forum, for you to chat with other experienced expediters and view the questions and answers of newcomers to this industry as well as a host of information and industry resources.

We look forward to coaching newcomers into a highly rewarding career and offering seasoned drivers a much better working opportunity.

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