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Driver Testimonials

My name is Todd.

All Types Expediting suggested I equip my VAN with gear that would make my life easier on the road and to bring with items that I already owned sitting around the house, so I wouldn't have to re-buy items.

I took my front passenger seat out and hard wired a small refridgerator and microwave on top of it. I keep a T.V. and DVD player and also video games to keep me occupied in my spare time.

My name is Albert.

I left All Types Expediting about a year ago and went with a different carrier, but have returned.

I see now that every carrier has ups and downs and sometimes it is either feast or famine, but at least All Types Expediting really cares about their drivers.

My name is Latasha and I own Showtime Expedite. I have a small fleet and have three vans and one truck leased onto All Types Expediting.

I ran for two other carriers prior to All Types Expediting and all my units had lots of down time. All Types Expediting is the most aggressive carrier and produces the most loads from everybody I have been leased onto. At first I thought All Types Expediting was way too rigid and pushy, but having been with them for so long now, I understand their methods and why they have been so pushy but now I appreciate it.

You can call me "Hodges". (second from left)

I just stopped by the Detroiter to visit the recruiting booth at the expo in 2004. I already was a driver for All Types Expediting then and still am now. I only wish I could get more time in for fishing and the dispatchers would let me sleep more often.

Our names are Monique and Roosevelt. We used to drive Class A team and we saved up for our own truck and leased on with All Types Expediting.

We were with another carrier and were skeptical at first because we read some negative posts,but after being on the road for so long and knowing so many "bitchin' bobs" and knowing that some people should not be in business for themselves, we confronted All Types Expediting about the specific posts and after hearing thier side of the story, we knew we should read between the lines about the posts and we gave it a try. I suggest people take responsbilites for their own failures and don't believe everything they hear or read.

Left: John, Perrysburg, Oh (Fleet owner)
The help I got in learning how to run for multiple carriers and the history behind it makes sense. I just left another carrier with all my crew because of too much setting and they refused to let me work for other carriers, applied huge decals and money wasting qual comms.

Thanks All Types ® for giving us hope again and maybe I'll be able to keep all my drivers rolling now. Keepin my fingers crossed!

Middle: Alex, Fredericktown, Mo (one of John's drivers)
New to expediting, I just started with John. I appreciated the information during recruiting and the orientation was very informative.

Right: Derrick, Granite City, Il (one of John's drivers)
I hope I do better here than my last carrier! Decent miles and on time pay is all I ask for.

Bottom: Terry, Chester SC (one of John's drivers) I like that I didn't fall asleep in a 3 day orientation. I'm glad we
go over what's most important and can get back out in the field making money and training continues while making money with All Types ® Expediting .


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