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Multiple carriers vs. Exclusivity Agreements (goes to it's own apge wherever / however)

We do offer small 12" x 12" ICC/MC# removable placard as illustrated on the passenger door of the van below. You'll see these same removable placards on some successive pictures on big straight trucks. Some units prefer not to be logo'd at all so they can run for other carriers simultaneously. We do NOT mandate EXCLUSIVITY contracts where you MUST run for us exclusively.

We do allow this so if for any reason we are unable to get you a load on any particular day, one of the other carriers can pick up the slack. This way your idle time/ no load time is GREATLY reduced. There is NO SUCH THING as any - expedited carrier that can keep you loaded 100% of the time. We feel that your tenure with us will be longer when your maximizing your income potential and therefore, your with us much LONGER and MAKING more money by being encouraged to exercise your entrepreneurial talents and assertiveness.

We know, we will make more profit (and so will you) in the long term vs. having you with us for example, only a few short months, therefore, we do allow you to work for other expedite carriers. We can assist you in doing this and we can show you how to do it WITHOUT causing any conflicts with multiple carriers.

We'd rather make our profits in a marathon than in a sprint and have YOU, maximizing your income potential.

We know the happiest drivers are drivers who spend the time putting in the effort into their relationships and are allowed to and encouraged to not - put all their eggs in one basket. Your the type of expedited owner operator we look for and your the expedited owner operator that will remain in our ranks for years to come. MAKING MONEY!

We can assist you in selecting other expedited carriers in our network that run on virtually identical platforms so your not, having to learn and remember all different methods and procedures for each one.

Finally, remember that here at All Types, we offer the industry's premier pay program. No other expedite carrier offers 40% of the load paid daily M-F load advances, paid to you after each load completion.

This surely will help you with your cash flow and help to reduce the overhead needed to keep your van or truck running. You won't need 40% of the load to cover your fuel on our deliveries so you'll also be able to swing some of this cash treasure towards other carriers loads or your personal finances and operating expenses and maintenance.

We know, when your fluid with your money and your optimizing your income potential. This makes - a long term owner operator.


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