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Expediters wanted year round- Expedited Driving Jobs Available online now.

We occasionally have lease maintained road ready expediter units for lease.
Call our friendly recruiters to see if we have any now. Sometimes we have fleet owners looking for drivers but again, just call our friendly recruiters to see if any of those positions are available.

Whether you have your own van or dock high truck, you'll need to get the following:

You need to fax in your MVR (motor vehicle record) to 260.818.2052.

NOTE: If you are looking to have a cargo unit provided, call first to see if there any openings before you put in the effort of getting your MVR. Again, be sure to call in first to make sure we have openings where YOU NEED A CARGO UNIT PROVIDED.

Be sure to write:
1. Your phone # on it
2. Your email address on it and
3. your cargo unit description and year

You get your MVR from where you would renew your drivers licence at
(Bureau of Motor Vehicles / Secretary of State). It will cost about $9.00 and you'll need 2 ID's to get it. A drivers licence and a utility bill with your name and address on it is fine but call your BMV and see what they consider an acceptable ID.

Next, you'll need to have or obtain a cell phone with Nationwide coverage and voice mail. Be sure to get a cigarette lighter power adapter to keep it charged up as well. Get these from Wal Mart, Target, Office Depot, Best Buy etc.. If you can have texting ability, this will come in handy with communicating with your assigned dispatchers.

If you have emailing ability to your phone and / or your laptop, this will be tremendously handy in communicating with your assigned dispatchers and also communicating with our friendly recruiters.

Next, you'll have to have some form of GPS navigation (a Garmin, Tom Tom, Lowrance, NavMan, MS Streets & Trips etc.). A Garmin or MS Streets & Trips is best in our opinion. We'll explain the differences in your orientation. Get these from Wal Mart, Target, Office Depot, Best Buy etc. Maybe your cell phone has GPS Navigation on it, this is fine. Be sure you get acquainted with whatever you have / get, because if you can't efficiently - operate it, it's useless.

Required Operating Funds You Must Have: We highly recommend you have a minimum of $800.00 to around $1500.00. You will need this money for food, showers, snacks, cigarettes and fuel until we get your load advances going, which will take around 5-7 business days. Figure you'll need"around" $100 a day for fuel (depending on fuel prices, it could be more). Obviously, you'll need food money and you should have "what if" money - What if I break down! Our freight cannot be stranded on the road because you have no operating money or insufficient operating money! If you ever cannot complete a delivery because you run out of funds, you should normally expect being terminated and you'll be liable for any charges we incur to gain control of the freight and deliver it to the destination..

You will be paid direct deposit for wages and fuel reimbursement, but the direct deposit takes 5-10 business days to set up, hence the need for you to have sufficient operating capital until your daily fuel advances can kick in. We do not do Com Data but your direct deposit will behave the exact same way, where we insert your settlements (wages) right into your checking or savings account and you access it by having a debit card from your bank or credit union. Com Data is SIMPLY, the name of a financial transaction and comes with fees for each transaction in or out of your account. Doing direct deposit, prevents these fees. Paying for purchases with a debit card, there are no fees. Com Data, is like a Master Card or Visa. It's SIMPLY the name
of a method. All in all, Com Data is the same as a Visa or MC. No different if I gave you a check to pay for something I purchased, that's technically a Com Data. If I give you cash for a purchase, this is also Com Data. It's just a name of a method to perform a transaction. By doing direct deposit and you using your debit card to pay for things, you avoid the fees associated with Com Data so be sure to coordinate getting the debit card ASAP..

Next, as long as you know you can pass a **drug test, your hired and we can begin to coordinate your start date / orientation.

Orientations take about 4-6 hours. It just depends on well you absorb things. Some folks it takes a little less time and others a little more. Orientation is VERY, VERY important. This is where we teach you about our methods and procedures. We present you a Lease Agreement (contract) which governs how things work between us. This way, there's never room for arguments since everything is in writing INCLUDING your pay structure. Of course your orientation could last longer if you have lot's of questions or need remedial training. We are prepared to give you as much time that you specifically need based on your specific level of attention. We have no problem spending all day with you to help you along and understand things as you need to do.

Everyone at the end of their orientation, will be presented with a multiple choice test, checking on your level of understanding and comprehension of the orientation and your Lease Agreement. We want to make sure you have a clear understanding of methods, procedures and expectations. This will help you succeed in your business relationship with us. Most of our orientation consists of the same basic elements that any expedited carrier that you ever work with will also require.

So what are you waiting for, we need more local, regional & *OTR drivers, contact us asap. Much of your set up, prior to orientation will be done via email with our staff. This method enables us to permanently document and archive our communications to you during the recruiting process leading up to, your orientation. This process can be lengthy but it's well worth it in helping you understand what is yet to come. Our recruiting process though comprehensive, is meant to get you well informed and certainly prepared to help ensure your business success. You WILL need email to begin your recruiting process. So call or email us to get started and we'll guide things along from there.

After we have your MVR and you have a cell phone, working email, navigation, the proper commercial insurance, operating funds, your ready to start. You'll drive to Ft. Wayne after we schedule your start date, you'll attend an orientation (the training & acclimation session) and this takes upwards of 4 to 5 hours or more, then you'll take the drug test and go into service. This is normally the same afternoon (unless) your tired and want to wait until the next morning to start (go into service).

* OTR - Over the Road.
Having your own expedited / Urgent Freight business is a great goal.

** Drug Test - You'll need to take and pass a specific type of drug test at our Doctor's office in Ft. Wayne, in unless we coordinate this at a location near you.

We sometimes have and sell used road ready expediters so call a friendly recruiter to see if we have any available. You must have cash or your own financing!

Having your own expedited / Urgent Freight business is a great goal...

Your particular amount of success will be mainly due to your efforts and assertiveness. You'll need to put in sufficient effort to be successful. Results will vary from owner operator to owner operator. We cannot guarantee your success. We will do our very best to coach you towards success but your individual talents, efforts and situation will ultimately be responsible for how well or poorly you do.

Running any business takes patience, capital, among many other things.
DO you have what it takes? We want to help you be successful!


We sell used road ready expediters, call for inventory!

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